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Protect Your License with an Administrative Hearings Law Attorney

Count on me, Ronald Talmo, Attorney, to meet your administrative law and license protection needs to ensure that you are able to maintain your livelihood. Businesses and professionals in nearly every industry are subject to a host of rules and regulations made by the administrative bodies that govern them. Doctors, nurses, contractors, and many other professionals can expect to come into contact with these agencies during their careers. And, when they do, they need strong legal advice and guidance.

Experienced, Reputable Counsel

In such a unique and complex area of law, it is important to seek counsel from a highly experienced and reputable lawyer. I have more than 35 years of experience in administrative law and a diverse background in criminal defense, legal education, and activism. I frequently appear before a wide range of California administrative and governmental agencies, including:

California Department of Social Services  • Medical Board of California • California Board of Registered Nursing • California Board of Chiropractic Examiners • California Department of Motor Vehicles  • Contractors State License Board • Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control • California Department of Consumer Affairs • California Bureau of Real Estate • Los Angeles County Civil Service Commission • California Department of Public Health • School Boards • Planning Commissions • City Councils

Strong Representation You Can Trust

Typically, when businesses and licensees hire me, they are in trouble with an administrative agency. For example, a board may be threatening to restrict a professional's license or fine a business. An attorney with strong negotiating skills and significant administrative law experience can provide you with aggressive representation.

My Approach

I will fight to help you keep your license and your livelihood. I use a highly personalized approach, preferring personal meetings and phone calls to letters and emails. You can trust me to understand what will appease the board or agency, and I will identify the most effective strategies for your unique situation. Ultimately, my goal is to help the agency to see my clients as good people who do not deserve to lose their careers or businesses.

Call for a Free Consultation

To discuss your administrative law issue with me in a free consultation, call (657) 231-4856 or contact me online through this site. With offices in Santa Ana, I accept cases in Orange County and throughout California, and regularly travel to meet with clients.

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