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Cases of Interest

As your business and administrative attorney, Ronald Talmo would like to share some cases he has covered in Santa Ana and throughout California. These cases of interest do not include the professional licensing cases that I handle. Those client matters are generally of a sensitive nature and have never been made public by the clients. Therefore, I do not include them here. The cases listed here are a few of the civil rights cases that I have litigated. These have already received substantial media attention.

Free Speech

T.V.T. owned a video rental and repair store in the Little Saigon area of Westminster. He decided that economic and social relations between the current communist government of Viet Nam and the refugees who fled that regime would be mended by opening dialogue on their differences. He thought he could accomplish this by displaying a portrait of Ho Chi Minh and the current flag of Viet Nam at his store. What he accomplished was about 1,000 protestors a day (sometimes as high as 15,000) and a lawsuit by his landlord to force him to take down his in-store display. A judge issued a temporary restraining order against the display. I was offended that a judge that I respected would issue such a callous, illegal order. I stepped in to represent him pro bono and the judge reversed her order.

Disability Representation

W.B. attended Pat Boone Fourth of July celebration at Anaheim Stadium but couldn't see the fireworks from the location assigned to those in wheelchairs. So he moved to another location and was arrested by the Anaheim police for trespassing because he was not in his assigned "seating". The case was eventually dismissed.

G.B. took the Amtrak train from San Clemente to Fullerton on Mother's Day and was told by the conductor that if he were going to return by train that evening he would be denied boarding if he didn't have a male companion to assist him onto and off of the train because his female companion was too slow in assisting him with his wheelchair. That evening he was in fact denied boarding when the conductor himself blocked my client's path. Amtrak eventually paid and changed their policy.